• Reparation

    Technical service


    We fix computers!

  • Optimization

    Technical service


    we clean computers!

  • protection

    Technical service


    Antivirus and Antispyware.

  • installation

    Technical service


    windows, software, etc.

Web Design

news/blogs, microsites, templates, cms system, joomla/wordpress …
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  • You are having problems with your computer?

    You are having problems with your computer?

    Does not power on, not charge battery, Emits High pitched beeps, hangs after chime at blue screen.
    Screen is cracked, dimm , blank, Ther are other video isusses
    Damage power plug, Crashes or freezes often, Seems slower than normal, CD/DVD drive doesn’twork
    Broken or loose hinges, Broken or bent casing, Hard drive replacement, Memory ram upgrade,...

    • Repair and Maintenance
    • Cleaning and Optimization
    • Antivirus and Antyspyware
    • Installation and Updates

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